The ITR form-2 has been issued by the income tax department for the A.Y. 2013-14 & A.Y.2014-15. The persons who are liable to file income tax return through ITR-2 should download the ITR 2 form in Excel utilities or PDF file as the case may be. The person who wants to file income tax return online should download the ITR-2 excel utility or if the person wants to file income tax return offline then he should use PDF file. Both formats are available at the end of this post. The persons who wants to know about ITR-2′s filing procedure should read the complete articles. We will discuss some common questions of assessees here so they can easily file their income tax return through ITR-2 Form for A.Y.2014-15/ F.Y.2013-14.

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Is ITR-2 form Applicable to Me?

The is very common questions asked by many assesees that which form I should use to file my income tax return as there are lots of form issued by income tax department. So here is the simple answer that you have to check your income first to know the ITR form applicable to you.

ITR-2 form will be applicable for the following income.

1) Income from Salary/Pension; or

2) Income from House Property; or

3) Income from Capital Gains; or

4) Income from Other Sources

How to fill ITR-2 form?

It is very simple to fill ITR-2 form as the columns itself describe. You should keep ready your docments from where you can get exact information like bank statements, rent receipts, ownership deeds, accounts etc. If you have any queries regarding to filling of ITR-2, you can ask by comment form. We will give you instant solution by reply of your questions via comment form. You can also email to us. But it will take 24 hours to answer your query. So it is easy for you and us to conversation through comment form given below.

Download ITR-2 Form

  • Excel Utility¬†(A.Y.2013-14) ¬†(It is zip file, extract it anywhere and open to fill the details).
  • PDF format¬† (A.Y.2013-14)

Download ITR-4 Form (PDF Format) A.Y. 2014-15 (English)

Download ITR-4 Form (PDF Format) A.Y. 2014-15 (Hindi)

Download Instructions to Fill up ITR-4 Form (English)

Download Instructions to Fill up ITR-4 Form (Hindi)

One should consider the last date/deadlines to file ITR-2 as delayed returns attracts penal interest according to income tax rules. Please refer Income Tax Obligation Calendar to check all the deadlines for A.Y. 2014-15.

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20 Responses to Download ITR-2 Form for A.Y. 2014-15: Income Tax Return Form

  1. AK says:

    i was reading on net that – person earning exempted income above 5000 cannot file ITR1, does it mean that Salary person earning exempted income above 5000 (ie. if HRA and other allowances are above 5000, which are exempt U/S 10) will file ITR2

  2. gubendran says:

    i am an resident-indian-individual. pl explain how much amount can i deduct in the category “interest on education loan”.

  3. madhusudan swarnkar says:

    i am salaried person and getting HRA from my institute and that has been included in my total salary, where should i enter HRA amount in ITR-2 and that is lessed from my salary

  4. tvscdn says:

    If I have a MF TXN I have to file ITRFORM2. But in that under section “S” I have to enter Employer Name,Address,Pin Code no. when all I am getting is PENSION from PF Office Bandra,Mumbai. Please advise how I will enter the Pension data under “S” in ITR2?

  5. hanig says:

    i downloaded the excel format and was filling the itr2 form.when i went into salary heading, it is saying that remove protection under unprotect sheet command and it is prompting for a so i do it….please help…

    • Kalyan says:

      I also faced the same problem, but could understand, the salary figure will be picked up from TDS-1 table for working tax liability. Strangely, income other than Salary has been picked up from TDS-2 table but not Salary amount. 2014_ITR2PRI.xls extracted from zipped Tr2 is also provided with system of generating XML file. But that also did not function. ITR2.xls is another excel form available for download and that has correctly assesses tax liability and outstanding tax has been paid as self assessment accordingly, but there is no facility for generating of XML file and therefore can not be uploaded against my PAN account. It appears upload is feasible only for ‘XML’ file. But this ‘xls’ file displays proper acknowledgement (TR5) file. What can be the remedy ? I can only send the Tr5 displayed duly signed if ‘XML’ file does not generate, ‘’

  6. varun bansal says:

    how i open itr 2 excel format worksheet password

  7. sham says:

    Which ITR form to choose for a Senior Citizen?

  8. N J Patel says:

    I want to download ITR-2 in EXCEL Utility for A.Y.2014-15, but your link is only for A.Y.2013-14. How can I obtain the Form I need?

  9. Satish Bhide says:

    I downloaded ITR-2 Excel file but after opening the file Error ‘Compile Error in Hidden Module: Sheet 1′ appear while entering every field

  10. sharanya arun says:

    I need to apply tax exempt for lta. Is itr2 correct? Should I attach travel proof while submitting itr?

  11. Abc says:

    Password to unprotect ITR2 excel sheet.

  12. sanjoy karmakar says:

    i have purchased a house. this is my 2nd house and i have taken home loan .this is my 2nd home loan. 1st one payment was completed . then after few months i have purchased 2nd home. now tell me which form is suitable for me.some one tole me form 2 is suitable for me. the deduction u/s 24 i got relief 24000 rupees from my salary. now i cannot understand where i mentioned 24000 deduction in for 2. please give me sugestion.

  13. Ramesh says:

    I need ITR -2 form for Asst.year 2014-15 in Excel format. Can u please post it to my mail ID.?

  14. Manoj says:

    In ITR-2, under section of Computation of tax liability on total income section , 1a is Tax at normal rates on 15of Part B-TI, Is it the total income tax liability amount which is available in form 16?

    Second problem is under section 9, that is Interest payable? what is 234A, 234B, 234C?

    Third problem is related with section EI (Exempt Income), in this section again should i fill the same amount which i mentioned under section 80TTA for saving account?

    please suggest me.

  15. L C YADAV says:

    I want to download ITR-2 in EXCEL Utility for A.Y.2014-15, but your link is only for A.Y.2013-14. How can I obtain the Form I need?

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