The persons who are searching to download ITR-4 Form for A.Y.2013-14 & A.Y.2014-15 come at right place. We have mentioned here the link of ITR-4 in excel utility/format and PDF format.

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Every individual, be it the resident or the non resident of India needs to file an income tax return ( ITR ), if he/she has a gross total income more than the exemption limit, i.e., income  before allowing the deduction under Chapter VI-A. Various forms are available for the purpose, like ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 7 etc,. An individual, who is carrying on with a profession or have any proprietary business needs to file his / her income through ITR 4, provided they are not filing their return under the Presumptive Taxation Scheme. We will talk here only about ITR 4 form for A.Y. 2013-14 & A.Y.2014-15.

Who Can Use ITR-4 Form?

Many people get confused between ITR 4 and ITR 4 Sugam. To clarify ITR 4 includes professions like doctors, engineers, architectures, CAs or any other profession specified u/s 44AA. All such professionals need to file their return in ITR 4. Any other, not specified u / s 44AA can file their return in ITR 4S. However, any Individual or HUF who are computing their income from business under the Presumptive Taxation Scheme will not be eligible to file the ITR-4. For income through Presumptive Business, an assessee has to file the ITR-4S (SUGAM). Other than this, every Partnership firms, Individuals & HUF who have their tax audits compulsory u / s 44AB are required to file their ITR-4 electronically using their digital signature.

Which Income Includes in ITR-4?

While filling under ITR 4, the following incomes of an individual or the HUF should be included.

  • Income earned from salary or pension ;
  • Income earned from house property ;
  • Income earned from business or profession ;
  • Income earned or loss incurred from capital gains ;
  • Income earned or loss incurred from other sources.

The form requires the following details to be filled, it starts with the general information about the assessee, i.e, name address, PAN, contact etc., then it is the details of the financials ( balance sheet and profit and loss account ), other information followed by details of house property, professional gains, capital gain or loss and income from other sources, a total of 26 pages.

Structure of ITR 4 Form

For filling this form, the individual have to consider the income of the financial year, i.e for assessment year 2013 – 14 & 2014-15, income of financial year 2012 – 13 & 2013-14 has to be considered.  No annexure or documents are required to be attached with this return form, any such document attached will be returned back to the person, filling the return.  The return can be filled with the income tax department, either in the paper, electronically with a digital signature, by providing the data in the return electronically and then submitting the verification of the return in the return Form ITR-V and lastly it can be filled by the form of a Bar-coded return.  If any assessee have an asset outside India, or any signing authority in any location outside India, should fill the schedule FA and shall fill the return in the method shown in either 4(ii) or 4(iii) of the form.

The final computation of income tax is done as per the tax slab, as applied to the year of assessment.

Download ITR-4 Form (Excel Format) A.Y. (2013-2014)

Download ITR-4 Form (Excel Utility) A.Y. 2014-15

Download ITR-4 Form English (PDF Format) A.Y. (2014-15)

Download ITR-4 Form Hindi (PDF Format) A.Y. (2014-15)

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