Sometime you find difficulty to find your PAN number like you forget PAN number, lost PAN number, and laziness to find PAN. And want to know PAN online by one click. So you can do this only by entering your date of birth and sir name. It is a service itself provided by income tax department officially. Now, PAN is mandatory in lots of transactions so we need it everywhere. Permanent Account Number is to be quoted on all documents/correspondence like PAN to be furnished by payee for TDS/TCS purposes, PAN to be furnished while opening new bank account. We can do one thing remember the PAN number or kept in your pocket daily or know the PAN number by one click. As a professional I always use this service to find someone PAN.

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Find how to know PAN Number with Date of Birth and Name

It is very easy to know your PAN online with DOB or Surname. Follow the following simple steps.

know your pan

  • As box is showing enter first name, middle name, surname, date of birth/incorporation or code then submit query.
  • Enter first name or middle name if you know otherwise leave as it is.
  • Now enter Surname which is mandatory otherwise you can’t find the PAN.
  • Then enter date of birth for individuals and date of incorporation for company, firm and HUF.
  • Enter the security code to avoid automatic queries.
  • Then click on submit query.
  • Now it will ask your father’s name, father’s middle name and father’s last name. (Because you have not entered first name and middle name)
  • But if you know the first name or middle name then it will not ask father’s name after submit query.
  • Now the system will show your detail like PAN number along with jurisdiction.

Know your PAN

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27 Responses to Know Your PAN by DOB & Name

  1. rupendra says:

    name aur dob ke bich me and lagao na ki or

  2. m/s.mohd haji gafoor and bros says:

    My pan no


    I want to know address presently in my pan card

  4. VISHAL R. PATEL (HUF) says:


  5. deepti rawat says:

    I want to know my pan card number as i m in Dubai and pan card is in India at my home. I want to fill some form online. When i m entering my first, last, Date of Birth and Code it showing no results found. Please help

    • CA Rajat Srivastava says:

      May be you are entering wrong spelling of your name/ surname or your actual DOB is not mentioned in your PAN card. if you are working then you can find it on your salary slip. If you have a copy of ITR its mention there also.

  6. dharmendra says:

    mera pan card kho gaya hai aur mujhe uska detail bhi malum navigator.mai apana pan card kaise paunga.

  7. syed says:

    I want to check my pan no as I lost my card. When I’m entering details of my name first. Middle. Surname n dob n entering. The result showing me no record found. Plz help me to find out my pan no

  8. Yashwant ramrao kanake says:

    I have lost my pan card
    please send my pan number

  9. jayendra singh says:

    i lost my PAN card, and i dont know PAN numder. how can i find my PAN card , plz tell me immediatly

  10. Himanshu Mandal says:

    My PAN Card no is (ATKPM9432D)My pan card was damage,due to i apply new duplicate pan card,with same no.My new card despatch on 07-10-14 &i get a sms but upto 20-10-14 the card not comming my address.
    So,sir please you search & reply me where have a my this card.

  11. VIVEK says:

    Thanks a lot. It was an argent.

  12. chethan says:

    sir i lost my pan card and even i dnt knw the pan number but its urgent how can get my no.

    i tried my level best to in tax deparment by filling DOB and sur name but my complete name is chethan K L i dnt knw tofill either in sur name, or first name or in middle name.

    plz its urgent sir

  13. RAJESH says:


  14. srinivas says:

    i lost my pan card but i dont know my date of birth in my pan card if i search by name entering ur dob saying i have n’t any other proof please help me

  15. POORNIMA V says:

    sir i lost my pan card and even i dnt knw the pan number but its urgent how can get my no.

  16. Sonar says:

    I want to know my pan I fill all entry correct but result shows “No Record”

  17. brijesh says:

    being an offline tax payee . now i want to see or track my old ITRs. how can i do that ?

  18. M Subrahmanyam Raju says:

    how to verify pan number and father name and date of birth. I have only name

  19. Sukanta Chakraborty says:

    I have sent a online Pan Application Form in favor of Rumela Chakraborty on 20.12.2014. Kindly inform me the Status of the same.

  20. R.MUMMOORTHI says:

    Dear sir,
    My pan card received in august 2011 but that time my card missing. So my any details not record. my name mummoorthi DOB. 05/04/1977 please kindly reprint the pan card.

  21. ASIF says:


  22. chingjuanang pamei says:

    i had apply pan in the month of December 2014 but dint receive yet

  23. Boinao says:

    please help me to find my pan card number, Name: Boinao, Surname: Nunglepam, DOB:01/04/1982, i tried and it says No record found

  24. govind poddar says:

    Please help. Mera pan kho gya hai

  25. Amarjeet singh says:

    Sir I found a PAN card of someone on the way
    and now what I do?

  26. SELVA KUMARAN says:

    Dear sir,
    please help me to find my pan card number, Name: Selva kumaran, Father name: Elaya subbiah, DOB:01/12/1988, i tried and it says No record help me sir.


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